Quality, confidence, availability

  • Experience

    Our buyers have extensive experience in forest management and are ready to help you in all parts of the forest's life cycle, from soil preparation and planting to final harvesting.


  • Tradition

    JGA, the local forest owner's natural partner since 1928.

  • Long-term

    Our buyers always work with your forest's long-term return as the first priority. Together we secure the weather of your forest today and for the future.


JGA Skog AB is the Group's primary purchasing company. The company's main task is supply of raw materials to the sawmill in Linneryd.

JGA Skog cares about the long-term relationships with our suppliers. We always work with the forest's long-term profitability and sustainable development in focus.

JGA Skog buys 400,000 m³fub of sawmill every year for production at the sawmill. In addition to the sawmill, we of course also handle all the other assortments that fall out of your forestry. Professional, responsive and at the right price.

We want to be the natural partner and adviser for you in your forestry operations on all issues from certification, planting, forest management measures and logging and everything in between.

Contact us at JGA Skog. Together we develop the countryside.



Caring for and managing their forest is always relevant, we at JGA Skog offer help with all forest management and forest issues from soil preparation, planting, and clearing up to issues of certification.

When you make decisions that affect the forest's future, it can be nice to have a dialogue with our buyers. For what you do today will affect the conditions in your forest in the future.

You can get good tips from our buyers.


At the final felling, the result of the hard work that was laid during the life cycle of the stock is visible. No forest is the other equal and good advice on how a logging should go can mean a big difference to the result for you as a forest owner.

We help you with thinning and felling and we can offer professional and local contractors who can help you. Our buyers have extensive experience in forestry and are ready to help you with the planning of your forestry.

Contact our buyers.