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Environmental obligations

JGA is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 for both quality and environmental issues. The company adheres to a business management system containing quality, environment, working environment, systematic fire safety regulations, PEFC, FSC® and self-monitoring measures related to our monitoring program. Our FSC Logo license number is C010895

Environmental aspects have become a more and more important part of our day to day lives and the demand from authorities, customers and suppliers continues to grow.

The company's policies and routines are constantly in focus in our daily work. JGA has set routines for among other things waste disposal, oil spills, emergency preparedness, chemical handling procedures, discrepancies, incidents, accidents and constant improvements in our work.


Business policy

The essential prerequisite for meeting the OMA standard is that the staff is committed and competent and that the business is focused on targets and proactive activities. OMA lives up to all applicable laws and regulations. 

Continuous work into constant improvements of the business management system of processes and products contributes to improved customer satisfaction and a decrease in our environmental impact. Our cooperation with our suppliers is an important part in this work. 

Through focusing on air emissions, noise reduction and transport issues together with working towards reducing our waste and chemical usage we decrease our environmental footprint. 

At OMA we are actively working in line with our business management system to meet the goals mentioned above. 

Environmental policy

JGA will conduct its business in a way that meets the demands set down in Swedish legislation and in accordance with the regulations within PEFC and FSC®. JGA shall, to reasonable extent, make sure that the raw material used in the business does not come from illegal or unsanctioned logging, from key biotopes, forest areas where grandfathered or civil rights are being violated, forests where extensive conservation values are threatened, from genetically modified trees or natural forests harvested for the sole purpose of exploiting the area for plantations or usages for other activities that are not forestry and that ILO’s core conventions are not violated. 

JGA shall take good care of the local raw material and strive to gather as large a volume as possible from a sustainable forestry and shall work to develop our relationships with the local forest owners and provide them with aid in their forest management.

JGA shall through cooperation with carriers and raw material suppliers minimize the environmental impact of the transports. Contracted forestry entrepreneurs shall be certified and shall meet applicable requirements regarding a continuous environmental commitment

The ambition of JGA is to have satisfied suppliers and to establish long standing relations while striving to minimize the environmental impact in the day to day business.