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Breaking ground for the summer’s improvement of the sawing line

Today, May 14, we cast the baseplate for the built-in sawmill that will visit due to the larger investment in the saw line that will experience during the summer of 2020. The investment built-in and modernized and an intended improvement in efficiency and capacity in dimensions sorting the timber by sawing, so-called raw sorting.


"We have always invested targeted and long-term in the whole business at JGA." says CEO Claes Andersson. “The ambition is to constantly build a line that is not only clear from today's production, but also gives room to increase or otherwise optimize how we work. To be able to update a flow that is the best and predictable is required for each part of the saw line and the subsequent processor is continuously maintained and modernized. You can only get a modern, efficient production if you have an overview of the entire chain from the forest to the customer. "


The extension of the sawhouse is one of the first concrete parts of investments and will be presented by installations of new equipment and new control in the coming months. The project will be completed in late summer 2020.