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Investments made in our production 2018

Last year, we carried out a lot of improvement work and investments in the production at the sawmill in Linneryd. Below you see a couple of them and what effects they get on the production.

The rebuilding of raw sorting was completed. The investment has created a considerably better flow in the saw.

The timber plan has been paved, which has created better conditions for the timber flow into the saw plane and further into the saw. Other areas in the sawing area have also been landscaped and solidified in order to expand the business.

The drying park will be expanded with four chamber dryers. Provides a capacity increase of 50,000 m3 / year. The land work for this was completed in 2018. The installation is ongoing during 2019.

CIND frame has been installed on the timber plan. This means faster and smoother handling of a large part of the timber flow and less traffic inside the sawmill.