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Now all forest road roads in Götaland will be inventoried. The most recent survey was carried out by the 1990s and for many forest roads the information is now outdated or even incorrect, which leads to problems for different actors.

The survey begins in the autumn of 2018 and is led by VMF Syd, an impartial service company within the forest industry. The work is expected to last for a five-year period.

  • Proper information on how the forest roads look like is crucial for timber transport to be planned and implemented in an efficient manner. It is also a security issue, says Anders Svensson, CEO of VMF Syd.
  • A correct road classification can also stimulate forest owners for investments in forest roads and lead to safer and more efficient transports, adds Anders Svensson.

Behind the initiative is initially a group of nine major players in Götaland: Bergs Timber, Derome, Holmen, JGA, Moelven, Sveaskog, Sydved, Södra and Vida, but other players will also be welcome to contribute to the financing

Road information is today gathered in a common national database at the Swedish Transport Administration. The information is used in various transport management systems by hauliers and purchasing organizations to plan timber transports from the forest to the industry.

VMF Syd has been commissioned to gather information and inventory the forest roads in Götaland according to an industry-common standard that describes, for example, accessibility, turning capacity and bearing capacity.

For more information, please contact: Anders Svensson, CEO VMF Syd, tel: +46 70 334 74 96, Johan Adolfsson, Head of Measurement Technology, tel: +46 70-646 18 26.

VMF Syd is an impartial service company within the forest industry focused on the measurement of forest raw materials. The business area covers most of Götaland. VMF Syd is an economic association which is jointly owned by sellers and buyers of forest raw materials and has about 115 members. We work without our own profit interest. The number of employees is approximately 215, of which about 200 are wood meters.