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Are you aware of the public right?

In Sweden, with the right of the public, we have fantastic opportunities to move in forests and land and enjoy the beautiful nature. When we do, however, we have the responsibility to take into account both nature and wildlife. The main rule is "do not disturb - do not destroy".

Here are some points that can be good to keep in mind if you move a lot in nature this summer.

- It is important not to damage crops, forest plantations or other sensitive soil. Move on the outskirts of such areas.

- Check the surface if you are riding or cycling in the forest. You must not cause ground damage. Is it very wet in the ground - stick to dirt roads or well-descended paths.

- Many animals are grazing during the summer. If you must, you have the right to pass through the enclosure if you close properly and do not disturb the animals. However, we recommend that you walk around the garden instead of being on the safe side.

- Always bring with you all the garbage home again!

- Be very careful with the grill and fire, especially now that it is so dry. Always have water close at hand to be able to extinguish and remember that there is a fire ban in most places right now! You also do not have to burn on or in direct proximity to rock hills when they can crack.

- Dogs should be kept connected or go a maximum of a few meters away from you if you touch the forest between March 1 and August 20.

- You can pick flowers, berries, mushrooms as long as they are not protected species or damage the soil. Branches and rice are also okay to pick as long as it is on the ground. Keep in mind that picking of spruce cuttings is not part of the public right.

- Hunting and fishing is not part of the public right! However, you get to fish free with rod and some other hand tools along the coasts and in our five largest lakes: Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön. Fishing in other waters requires a fishing permit or the landowner's permit. Remember not to leave ropes and hooks in nature as it can damage the animals nearby.

- Leave animals and nests and eggs in peace. If you see a lone animal, it is most likely not abandoned, but the parents are nearby.

- Remember that special rules apply in nature reserves and national parks. Information is often found at entrances to such areas.

Have a lovely summer and enjoy our Swedish nature!