Quality, confidence, availability

  • Experience

    Our buyers have extensive experience in forest management and are ready to help you in all parts of the forest's life cycle, from soil preparation and planting to final harvesting.


  • Tradition

    JGA, the local forest owner's natural partner since 1928.

  • Long-term

    Our buyers always work with your forest's long-term return as the first priority. Together we secure the weather of your forest today and for the future.

JGA participates throughout the cycle!

Our forestry company JGA Skog AB handles the supply of timber to our sawmill. To properly care for the timber is an issue of constant significance for all forest owners. JGA Skog can help you with all forestry activities from ground preparation, planting and clearing to harvesting. We have a large network of professional forestry contractors operating in your area to help you. With JGA Skog as your partner you can rest assured that your forest is well taken care of.